Friday, July 11, 2008

Executive Summary

Name of Organization: Essence International Nigeria Limited.

Title of Project: All Nigeria Ideas International Trade and Exhibition Fair (ANIITEF). – Promoting research for development.

Date and duration: The programme is scheduled to hold from the November 2009.

Justification: The problem that will be addressed by the project is the low capacity productivity currently being experienced in our manufacturing sector and our Higher Institutions of learning. Closing the existing gap between these to dynamic sectors of the economy is the key to achieving this.

Experience of the

organization: Our organization is qualified to organize this programme because it is made up of very experienced individuals alongside young dynamic minds who command their own in the industries as well as in the academia. We have a system of collaboration that brings together some of the very best brains and hands in both the industrial and academic landscapes. While some of them have already been contacted and secured for the project’s successful implementation, others have been highlighted as potential collaborators.

Goal and specific

objectives of the project: The Goal of the project is to enhance industrial productivity and improve academia (lecturers and students alike) performance in Nigeria through the creation of mutually beneficial relationships between the two economic agents, at local, national and international levels.

Details of the project’s objectives, strategic activities and indicators for monitoring and evaluation are available on request.

Strengths and innovation

(our unique selling points): 1. Our project repackages the concept of research and development, which as become static, formal, and highly restricted, into a new concept we call “research for development”, which is a dynamic, largely informal, liberalized (yet controlled), spontaneous and highly competitive (positively) concept.

2. It has a high and inspiring profitability prospect.

3. It has a definite plan for transforming research initiatives into finished consumable products thereby improving their rate of success.

4. It involves the informal thinker and real grass roots intelligence, giving them an opportunity to display their intellectual advantage.

5. It is a private sector, industry driven initiative with a keen eye for practicability.

6. It is a self-sustaining project, which is able to fund itself once it has been held for the first time.

7. It is the result of strong collaborative synergy between experienced industry experts and dynamic brains in the academia and these will ensure the effective management of the project.

8. It has a future looking perspective, being the initiative of the future leaders of the nation.

Monitoring and evaluation: This has been built into the main structure of the programme right from the beginning and will be maintained throughout. The project will also be open to independent evaluation and monitoring from our sponsors and collaborators.

Conclusion: The All Nigeria Ideas International Trade and Exhibition Fair (ANIITEF) is an idea conceived in December 2004 whose time has come. The recently concluded NUC Universities Research and Development Fair adds a lot of credence to this assertion.

While Nigeria continues to seek ways of improving her economy, no meaningful progress can be made except we as a nation evolve a system of quantum wealth creation. Wealth creation however is a product of ideas and bankable once at that.

Creating a synergy therefore between our banks of ideas, which the higher institutions represent, and the entire dynamic dimensions that constitute the industries, is sin-quo-non-to national development. Starting the process from the industrial dimension is like icing on a beautifully prepared cake and a hot bed of opportunities for those who would cease the occasion.

This is what project ANIITEF is all about.

Date Submitted: 9th of July 2008.


We are very open to discussing any

win-win funding arrangement with

interested sponsors.

Thank you

Yours faithfully,
Alonge Oluwakayode David,

Executive Director,

Essence International.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

A world you'ld love to live in

This blog is dedicated to the intellectual efforts of youths in Nigeria and the entire African continent who believe in the great new dawn of an African renaissance. Youths who would not give in or give up or let down. Who believe in the power of the brain, the supremacy of ideas and not the idea of supremacy.

It's a site that features the ideas and projects of ingeneous youths poised to make a unique difference in their community and in their own lives.

It reveals our belief in Essence International that the youths of any community can build it and revolutionalize it, even when not given the chance! It captures our belief that the relevance of a dynamic youth population cannot be overemphasized in any progress thinking economy.

Channelling the energies of young men and women into productive endeavours is our goal in Essence International.

We believe that youths not only need to be told how to make money or make something substantial out of their lives but also need to be at the forefront of developing such programmes themselves. A situation where the society commits itself to providing the enabling environment for such young minds to thrive. Thats our idea of development.

Its a blog of adventure and you're welcome to be a part of it. We'ld engage in different real projects that will leave you a better person in very substantial ways.

Welcome to our world

Welcome to Essence International blog. Watch this space for updates.